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Kitchen Cabinet Door Types

So you have decided on designing a new handcrafted kitchen, one of the decisions you will need to make is how you want the cabinet doors and drawers to look. There are lots of different colours and finishes available but in this post we are going to look at the most popular cabinet doors available.

Shaker Doors

Shaker style doors are known for their very minimalistic and elegant shape. Visually shaker style cabinet doors consist of five pieces of timber; four pieces create a frame with the fifth piece a flat panel used to make the centre of the door. Shaker style cabinet doors are highly appreciated due to their versatility, currently the most popular door on the market. They usually fit any design of kitchens, so you can’t really go wrong with shaker cabinets. We offer a few variations of a standard shaker door such as a stepped shaker door or a bolection mould added to the shaker door. The pictures below show the different designs.

Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel cabinetry is a popular choice for traditional style kitchens. The carved detail and depth of a raised panel create a timeless custom look that has never gone out of style. Completely different to the flat panel of a shaker door, where the centre panel rises to the thickness of the door frame.

Slab Door

The slab door is the most self- descriptive door type where one slab of wood makes up the entire door or drawer front. The slab doors tend to be used mostly on contemporary style and modern designs. However, lately, we have started to mix slab drawer fronts into our in-frame kitchen ranges.

Glass Cabinet Doors

These are usually a bit more expensive but yet a very good choice when you want to show off some decoration hardware in your kitchen. Hiding it behind the glass door keeping it dust free yet visible. Not all cabinet doors can be fitted with glass. Usually is it only the upper or even only part of the upper cabinets that look good with glass doors. Quite often we tend to insert spot lights and glass shelves into the inside of cabinets with glass doors to make a perfect display unit in your kitchen. The glass in the doors can be clear, coloured or opaque. While the timber frame can be a plain frame or can have glazing bars in any shape or designs.

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