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Choosing the style of your Kitchen

At first glance some kitchen styles might look very similar, but looking into the smaller, more finer details they are actually very different as we will show you.

Currently our most popular kitchen style would be our in-frame design. The in-frame style is defined by the way the door sits in flush with the surrounding frame. There are different types of frames that we use; a plain frame or a beaded frame. And there are also different door designs available. However the principle idea of having a solid timber frame wrapped around each door remains the same. In-frame kitchens are towards the higher end of the pricing due to manufacturing costs.  If it’s the WOW factor you’re after then one cannot look past these kitchens. In our workshop, we design and manufacture all components of your cabinetry to suit your own individual space.






Our next option would be a typical ‘Lay on door’. While the in-frame is the most desirable, due to price point some of our customers return to lay on doors. The kitchen design and layout can be very similar for both options. Once fitted neatly some might find it hard to differentiate between the two.

If you compare an in-frame to a ‘lay on’ kitchen, you will see that the doors on the ‘lay on’ sit directly on the front of the unit. We also fully manufacture all our ‘lay on’ kitchens to suit each individual kitchen.





On a completely different scale, our modern kitchen designs are also selling quite well. The clinical look of high gloss acrylic finishes is a big hit with some customers. While others just love the clean lines of a handless kitchen. We offer endless colours in dead matt to ultra high gloss. Contemporary kitchens are best described as modern and minimalistic. The designs include horizontal lines, symmetry and a complete lack of mouldings or traditional details.





At the moment, people seem to be going with shades of greys mixed with woods, usually oak or walnut. Slightly changing over the last few years from the whites and creams.  Karl Cullen Fitted Furniture customers are reassured by the fact that all our furniture is custom made in our factory, with customers welcome to come and view their project at any stage during the manufacture of their cabinetry.

adminChoosing the style of your Kitchen
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